Revolt RV 400 Price, Specification,Electric Bike in India

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The electric two-wheeler means we understand the small-scale slow-scooter. Breaking that notion, Revolt Company launched the Revolt RV 400. This is the first time a company has launched such a bike in the Indian market. After much anticipation, the Revolt RV 400, the electric-powered design bike, arrived in the Indian market on Wednesday.

Currently the trend among bikers is towards sports Naked Design Bikes. Revolt’s designers walk that path. This bike is very similar to the electric bike of the Chinese company Super Soco. Aggressive LED headlights, elevated muscular tanks, with sloping seating position, don’t really look as good as an electric powered bike. In terms of style, this bike is 100 out of 100.

Revolt RV 400 Performance:

Performance The Revolt RV 400 will easily hit the petrol bike. According to the company, the maximum speed of the bike will be around 85 kph. The company claims the Revolt RV 400 will be able to easily compete 125cc ordinary petrol bikes.

Not only does this look like a petrol-powered bike, it also sounds like a petrol-powered bike. For bike enthusiasts, the sound of the engine, along with the engine of the bike, is an important factor. The company has come up with an amazing and fancy way of looking at that. You may be wondering how a battery-powered bike will sound? But it is true that this bike also has a voice, and there are special speakers for that. Are you surprised? No reason to be surprised. With the Bluetooth of the smartphone you can customize the sound of that engine.

Suspension and Braking System:

As a suspension, the Revolt RV 400 has a telescopic fork on the front wheels and a mono-shock unit at the rear. There is a disc brake on both the wheels of the bike. So you understand that this bike is no less important than any petrol powered bike.

The RV 400 has a dual disc setup with 240mm front disc and 240mm rear disc. It has a Combined Braking System (CBS) as well as a Regenerated Braking System (RBS). The RV 400’s ground clearance is 215mm and weighs just 108kg.

Battery & Mileage:

In the case of electric bikes, the question of range comes first. That is, how far can one go on a charge? The company claims that once fully charged, the RV 400 motorcycle is capable of going about 156 km. The company will offer the option of buying two batteries simultaneously when purchasing this bike. Once the battery is exhausted, you can charge it and use another battery. Moreover, the battery can be charged in the home’s 15 ampere electric socket.

The RV 400 has a 72 volt, 3.24 KWh lithium-ion battery capable of propelling a motorcycle with a 3KW electric motor. It has three riding modes – ECO, Normal, and Sport mode – these modes give the motorcycle a top speed of 45kmph, 65kmph, and 85kmph, respectively. The range of the motorcycle in these three modes is 180km, 110km, and 80km respectively. The motorcycle has unlimited battery warranty (8 years) and Revolt Motors claims that the battery life can last up to 150,000 kilometers.


There are a bunch of fancy features on the Revolt RV 400. The Bike’s motor can be turned on through the phone’s Bluetooth. The company has also looked at bike safety. You can track your Revolt RV 400 bike from your mobile with the help of GPS.

The motorcycle has a smart key that allows you to lock or unlock the bike, or start the remote, or locate the bike. The motorcycle has an embedded 4G LTE SIM that helps the bike connect to the Internet.

Price & Booking:

The Revolt RV 400 can be found in attractive red and black colors. The Revolt RV400 is only available in Delhi and Pune at the moment, but will be available in other states from a few months later. Booking Link Click here.

Ex- showroom price of the base variant of the Revolt RV 400 is Rs. 1.29 lakhs. Buy RV 400 for Rs. 3499 / – to Rs. 3999 / – to be paid in installments. You have to deposit only Rs. 1000 / -. Bookings can be made through Revolt’s official website or from Amazon. For the first time in India, consumers can buy bikes at online retail.

:Revolt RV 400 Specification

******************Engine and Transmission******************

Max Torque                                           170 Nm

Motor Power                                          3000 W

Range                                                       156 km/charge (eco mode)

Battery Charging Time                         3 – 4.5 Hours

Starting                                                    Self-Start Only

Transmission                                          Automatic

******************Features and Safety******************

Braking Type                                           Combi Brake System

Console                                                     Digital

Clock                                                          Yes

******************Chassis and Suspension******************

Chassis                                                      Lightweight Single cradle Frame

Front Suspension                                   Upside Down Forks

Rear Suspension                                     Mon shock

Wheelbase                                                1350 mm

Kerb Weight                                            108 kg

******************Tyres and Brakes******************

Tyre Size                                                  Front : 90/80-17, Rear : 120/80-17

Tyre Type                                                Tubeless

Wheel Size                                               Front :-17 inch, Rear :-17 inch

Wheels Type                                           Alloy

Front Brake                                             Disc

Rear Breake                                             Disc

Front Brake Diameter                           240 mm

Rear Brake Diameter                             240 mm


Projector Headlight                                LED

Tail Light                                                  LED

Turn Light                                                LED

DRLs                                                         LED

Battery Type                                            Lithium-Ion, 72 V, 3.24 KWh

Battery Indicator                                    Yes


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